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Mercury (Hermes) god of speed son of Zeus
Kendrick design

We have created a type of planter & door knocker concept. That gives a warmth to any front door area - office, home, kitchen, studio, gazebo, patio or summer retreat

<Iron loop door knocker
c. 1860's

While not necessarily designed to be attached to your door. Most people find a place to the left or right side of there door / entry way area.

These unique planters are truly a one of a kind creation. An for the most part you will find these door knockers to be antique and rare. The planter body is from slate, found from various quarries in the world.
- Cast Iron Greek /
Roman goddess c.1870's

Each piece of slate is hand selected for color and texture match along with the planter box - Not always a easy task.The plants e easy to maintain requiring little care, and winter hardy in most U.S.D.A. zones.

< Solid brass stylized sea creature from the Isle of Malta. Superb detail and make, rare and in high demand.
c.1870's -1890's

Hens & Chicks easily thrive in s
mall contained growing areas. Within a short period of time they will start to spill over the edges to give a more beautiful, natural and unstructured look as well.

"Grimacing Winged Griffin"

11" height, large in size and heavy.
Rare design, interesting detail,origin unkno
wn c. 1800's ~

o view additio
nal door knocker designs continue to below "Care Information"

Unless otherwise stated all door knockers shown on this site MAY be sold.

Availability:We never know what we will find as far as door knockers,their stay with us is brief. Contact us for current inventory ~ pictures available

Contact us at: For new arrivals of unique door knockers from exotic parts of the world

Simple Care Information:
Hens and chicks
-(Semperviviums) known for there long life, durability and ease of care. Following these simple steps will give the results you desire. When watering, do so completely ~ Do so with purpose!! Misting does not replace a good watering.There is a drainage hole underneath the planter box. Which will allow excess water to drain out. Also there may be water showing on the face of the planter box where the heuffelii is growing out of the front side - Not a concern.

Bronze Cherub c.1890's

History of plants:

During the invasion
and occupation of the British Isles and Netherlands by the Roman armies. The homes of local residents,roofs were covered with "chicks & hens" to help keep the roofs water tight and well as to ward off evil spirits. ~Too bad it didn’t help with the Roman hoard !

Impressed by the hardiness, prolific growth and life span of these plants the Roman invaders in honor of the plants. Gave them the Latin name: Sempervivium, "long life, long living"

Gothic"Dog of War"Italy c.1940's

Winter hardiness:
Plant are winter hard
y to about 15 degrees F. We recommend to bring indoors when temps. fall below 15F .Enjoy as a indoor planter a "growing piece of artwork" in a bright / sunny location until more moderate weather returns.

We generally water a plant / planter two - three times at one "application"The first time wets the soil, the second watering a few minutes later soaks the soil as well as the stone. Do not keep continuously wet / soggy.Use

a moisture meter, allow soil to stay on the moist to dry side ~ Not dry out ! Remember plants store water in the leaves. Misting does not supply enough water for plants to thrive.

Gothic horned dragon c.1970's

Feed with plant food once a month during the growing season and just once every months during fall/winter seasons. We have
used: Miracle Grow & Super Thrive with great results Keep in mind that the planter box / soil area is small in volume and not to "over feed", plants are hardy and do not require too much care.

Sun Exposure & Heat:
Since slate is a natural conductor of he
at. I do not recommend planter to be exposed to direct sunlight / heat thru-out the day in temps. Exceeding 75F Cooler morning AM sun is fine or partial shade to shade during the summers hotter mid-day and afternoon temps.The concern is not light exposure yet heat exposure due to the conductivity of the slate.

Installation & Precautions:
While slate is a very durable stone sudden impact i.e. dropping may cause stone to chip , break or separation of planter box. Your Living Door Knocker may come with a "star drive" screw. These are chosen for there aesthetic design. Driving bits may be purchased at your local hardware store. In driving screw into wall make sure not to over tighten screw to where breakage can occur to stone.

Shipping & Technical help:
Door knockers & plants ship very well, for additional information on shipping

Due to the variety,rarity and age of the door knockers prices range from $77 ~ $287 contact us: for current availability. We will be happy to send you pictures, of in stock inventory.

Plants will perform well in confined growing areas such as our "Living Bird Houses" see bird houses -

(Same basic care instructions apply)
As the plants grow they will spill over the edges to add a more natural and beautiful look. Trim as desired.
The use of a moisture meter is recommended to prevent over or under watering।

To view Door Knockers in Florence, Italy click link below:

More unique and rare door knockers scroll~below:

Oldest to date: Hand wrought iron,
serpent. Wonderfully primitive in
design Rhode Island


"Oklahoma Snake" - Found at a abandoned farm house. Made from a old rail road spike superb d etail on face with open mouth and fangs.Note the etching of body and twisting of steel body. I did not know snakes had feet . . maybe just in Oklahoma!! c.1905

More traditional in design, solid brass with beautiful green patina. From a collector, Hesperia, California early c.1950's Below

Highly detailed solid brass swan. By most standards very large in size, country of origin :Canada c.1940's

Solid Brass Moon & Stars
Micheal Healey design c. 2000

Grimacing Winged Griffin
Note: Color of stone gives appearance of emerging from the fires of hellc.1800's

Chinese Foo

Guardian of palaces and
holy buildings.

Bronze Man

Highly detailed and ornate, one of the more intricate door knockers we have been lucky to have. Solid bronze, heavy, beautiful rich patina. 7"x 5" c.1850's

Winged Cherub

From the Gillespie mansion San Antonio Texas
Mid -late 1800'


Note: Extended belly button .. a definite "outy"

Dragon door knocker

Hand forged ~ 2007

These dragon door knockers are available by request, we have two versions, as shown above.


Notice the growth of the plants on the picture above and to the left

Given some time the

plants will cascade over the edge to give a very beautiful and natural look.

Note: What appears to be spider webs on a certain plant above is it's own special characteristic it is called a "white stone"

Doctor's Door Knocker
England c. 1800's

We never know what we will find as far as door knockers,t
heir stay with us is brief. Contact us for current inventory ~ pictures available

Contact us at:
or new arrivals of unique door knockers from exotic parts of the world

Bronze Chinese Foo

Manchu Dynasty
One of the nicest we have seen from the far east , large 9"
diameter superb detail and patina

Antique Mermaid Door Knocker

KINDA SORT ZEN ~ 2006 / 2008

Or contact 208.353.1772

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